When not to supersize it

on infolust
April 5, 2006, 10:25 am
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I am subscriber of trendwatching.com and they recently published the april issue of their newsletter on infolust. This was exactly the topic of conversation I had with my friends the Wagens, this morning. How much information do we actually want to consume and how much do we feel compelled to consume just to keep up with the jones? 

Highly recommend perusing this issues on infolust if you want to get the best rates on amazon or find the best seat on your next airline or find the best groomer for your pet. Scary world we live in :-). 


Thought for the day
March 22, 2006, 11:21 am
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Tara Hunt has been mentioning collective consciousness a lot lately. Sometimes you sense it in the articles you read, for instance in the past 5 minutes I read these blog entries.

  1. Change is constant and your knowledge is obsolete
  2. 20 most important tools Ever according to forbes.
  3. zen is boring accept it.
  4. Is pinko marketing the post cluetrain marketing manifesto

Btw, apologize in advance. I am going to be using illustrations from the links above so if you have not had a chance to read them yet, read them!

Puts things in perspective. Be honest and ask yourself how much of the world knows cluetrain marketing and here we are already talking about pinko marketing (cute name btw). Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan and I just got my copy of the cluetrain marketing in mail and I plan on re-reading it over the next week. I am going to India for a week and figured it would be a great read for the plane.

But returning to the original topic, if we do agree the change is constant and present knowledge is going quickly obsolete what are we doing about it. IMHO I think that should drive our prioritization a lot but it does not. For instance look at the 20 most important tools EVER list from Forbes (I love the Evuh! in there) how often do we stop and think about them. Agreed the fact that they are so ubiqutous is what makes them most important I suppose.

Just asking questions, not coming to major conclusions necessarily. But honestly think about the “business process” behind each of these tools that made it to the top 20. They are great examples of the success of “need based” product management and viral marketing. So in effect I am just giving more evidence for what cluetrain is all about but it is worth exploring if these inventions were built around the most hip marketing philosophy of their times.
Standard disclaimer:: I am not a luddite and neither am I advocating stopping progress. I also realise that most of the easy problems have been solved so adding value in our times and society is much much harder. If you get a chance read this post by Seth Godin on the spelling bee final round complexity evolution./Standard disclaimer.
I am asking “Are we keeping the big picture in mind?”

For instance how often did we still think of Darfur. Did you stop when you read this article on a continent splitting apart!! That is not an obsolete change for sure 😉 How long did you pause before _life_ consumed you completely again 🙂
All these questions are introspective but this was triggered when I read the except about “Alice running to be on the same spot” (from coding horror) right before I read the thoughts on enjoying every bite of tangerine (from zen is boring). Do you squeeze every minute out of your life? why not? what are your priorities?

As I was writing this, I realised that I am going to India tomorrow so my parents can meet my wife-to-be for the first time in person. This is exciting stuff not even counting the fact that there is all sorts of fun cultural confusion waiting to happen (grin) so no cluetrain manifesto for me for the next couple weeks. I need to start savouring my tangerine more! I also just got a copy of “Chasing Daylight” based on this review from Brad Feld. Seemed like thoughts on the topic we are talking about from someone who has much more to say ;-).

happy boring days


p.s this is one of those (what sort of universe i live in moments).. see this. Apparently Chihuahua is the second most popular breed on their site. That is scary because it clearly shows me how I have no ability to empathize with the rest of the world in certain areas ( no offense to Chihuahua lovers out there).

My what an interesting world we live in.
March 10, 2006, 5:57 pm
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More out of necessity rather than need, I started to do this but man it is out of control now. I realised that a lot of things I read/surfed made my blog finger itch but it starting itching a little too much so I decided to delicious the links and revisit them. Oh boy, I had no idea how easily my curiosity is aroused by the world. So without further ado here is the list of stuff that interested me this past week.

  1. how NOT to do product package design. highly educational and amusing. must see if you are a fan of the ipod packaging scheme.
  2. This is so much cooler than google.labs.forever.beta.sets. It is the new site that was created as an example of using del.icio.us along with a relevance engine. seriously try it out, it has been scoring pretty high for me :: similicio.us
  3. The scientists had a freak reaction at Sandia national labs when they replaced tungsten with steel in one of their reactors and ended up with a momentary violation of basic physics. very cool:: link
  4. smart people say brushing with your left hand (right if you are a leftie) and doing sudoko puzzles on sundays will make you smarter, go figure:: link

Can someone tell me (a) why the list tags (tried both il and ol) do not render correctly in wordpress and (b) how do I turn of this annoying wysiwyg editor?

I have tons more links but I need to stop and see if I can thread them all together somehow.. 🙂

February 28, 2006, 7:30 pm
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I came across this post from alarm:clock earlier today, talking about the changing culture in Bangalore. I remember staying at the Park back in early 2002, the now famous I-Bar had just opened in Bangalore. It was packed for the first few weeks with most of the americans and europeans working in Bangalore. Since I was already at the Park I decided to go down and check it out. I was apparently so entranced with seeing a modern bar in Bangalore that I literally walked into the glass doors of the bar. Kinda like the dude in the new windex commercial. Anyways, having attracted more attention than I can handle I beat a hasty retreat with a lemon sized lump on my forehead. Ah the memories 🙂

Btw, if someone from Park is reading this. Guys clean up the website.

  • if you have the hottest bar in the city. Give it an awesome website, build a blog around it, people will want to check its online presence so give them something.
  • There is not much you can do about google caching your old site but pay attention. I initially found this page with broken links and then this page which is newer. Just a fyi.. 🙂

more cool visualization software
February 24, 2006, 10:59 pm
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I came across this tool today while reading Jeff Clavier’s blog. Thanks Jeff!

Cultural differences
February 24, 2006, 10:31 pm
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Let me give you some background. This monday I started working for a new company. I am person number five here. The other four have been working together for a while now.

This is a big change for me. I have spent all of my short professional life so far steeped in companies spouting Geoffrey Moore, Tom Peters and if they had any sense Seth Godin and the cluetrain manifesto.

My current company is a cool company, they sell behavioral curriculum to schools. I like what they do, I believe in their product and i truly believe that this has the potential to have a lasting impact on the society which is why I joined them as “technology dude”.. 🙂 .  Sorry for the tangent but the point is we are not exactly what you would call a high tech company.

So earlier today I was  trying to impress upon the rest of the team on the value of having an internal wiki. As I was pointing out the community advantages of a wiki, I noticed that the three grown up men around the table were laughing red and rocking in their chairs. Apparently the cause of this unstoppable mirth was the fact that I uttered the word “wiki” and I said that its value was in sharing. For some reason, fully grown texan men who have not spent their life around high tech revert to puerile humour on hearing the word wiki :D. It just went downhill from then on.. all it took was for one of them to bleat wiki and the other two were rolling on the floor. sigh.. :-/

Funny thing, I have not felt this sense of cultural disconnect since I first came to the US from India. I am glad I have these guys to work with. Helps keep life in perspective :D.

Have a good weekend!

Knicks and Knacks
February 21, 2006, 11:02 pm
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The communication technology lab at the Michigan state university is trying out a new way to educate people on sign languages. Watch here.

An Italian court decided that the magnitude of the sex crime depended on the victim’s virginity status. Say what….. link

Smile, you just robbed a bank They have not caught him yet but given that he is now a pic in the blogosphere, a life of quiet evasion seems out of question. For some reason, of all the things this is just a little too surreal for me 🙂