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My what an interesting world we live in.
March 10, 2006, 5:57 pm
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More out of necessity rather than need, I started to do this but man it is out of control now. I realised that a lot of things I read/surfed made my blog finger itch but it starting itching a little too much so I decided to delicious the links and revisit them. Oh boy, I had no idea how easily my curiosity is aroused by the world. So without further ado here is the list of stuff that interested me this past week.

  1. how NOT to do product package design. highly educational and amusing. must see if you are a fan of the ipod packaging scheme.
  2. This is so much cooler than google.labs.forever.beta.sets. It is the new site that was created as an example of using del.icio.us along with a relevance engine. seriously try it out, it has been scoring pretty high for me :: similicio.us
  3. The scientists had a freak reaction at Sandia national labs when they replaced tungsten with steel in one of their reactors and ended up with a momentary violation of basic physics. very cool:: link
  4. smart people say brushing with your left hand (right if you are a leftie) and doing sudoko puzzles on sundays will make you smarter, go figure:: link

Can someone tell me (a) why the list tags (tried both il and ol) do not render correctly in wordpress and (b) how do I turn of this annoying wysiwyg editor?

I have tons more links but I need to stop and see if I can thread them all together somehow.. 🙂


Why are my friends not blogging?
March 10, 2006, 5:39 pm
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So why are none of my close friends blogging? if you are, how come I don’t know about it. let me know…

Jake, John, Corbett, Alex, Norman, Aswin, Kirk, Marat, Nishat, Ophelia, Jen, tollie, nick… so what’s up people? where are yall?

Chris rock is funny
March 10, 2006, 4:17 pm
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A friend just pointed me today to this chris rock rant on raciscm :-). Very funny stuff… be warned, this is c.rock at his best so the language is colorful.

watch the video here

Guy Kawasaki on your entrepreneurialiq
March 10, 2006, 10:04 am
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Guy as usual has a great post on starting business. There is an online version of the test and here are my results 😉

(gratuitous pic of guy, courtesy the good folks from Tickle.. it was so over the top i decided to leave it there)

Take this test at Tickle

You scored 70-89%!

(this would be me not Guy, I would assume Guy better score 100% in his own test)

Guy Kawasaki’s Entrepreneurial IQ Test
Brought to you by Tickle

eh! strange. I used the html generated by the Tickle site and I am not sure why but it seems a little over the top to have “Guy Kawasaki’s” picture along with the link. I was going to delete it but then I decided to let it stay to kind of lay it thick 🙂 all in all.. the test was not too bad. According to the answer key, my answers were the same as the “best suggest answer” 18/22 questions. So i am not sure why I scored in such a wide range 🙂 maybe there is more to the algorithm than a simple a % calculation.


Personalities and randomness.
March 3, 2006, 1:07 pm
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Malita pointed us to our fun friday entertainment link for the week. Apparently she is miami and my future wife is austin. I am  nyc as you can see below. Give it a whirl. I like that I am nyc:-). I am not sure why I like that but I would have been very dissapointed to be a houston or a dallas. Kim was born and raised in austin so I am not sure whether she likes it or not that she is ‘austin’. Kimmie? 🙂

You Are New York
Cosmopolitan and sophisticated, you enjoy the newest in food, art, and culture.
You also appreciate a good amount of grit – and very little shocks you.
You’re competitive, driven, and very likely to succeed.

Famous people from New York: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tupac Shakur, Woody Allen

What American City Are You?

February 28, 2006, 7:30 pm
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I came across this post from alarm:clock earlier today, talking about the changing culture in Bangalore. I remember staying at the Park back in early 2002, the now famous I-Bar had just opened in Bangalore. It was packed for the first few weeks with most of the americans and europeans working in Bangalore. Since I was already at the Park I decided to go down and check it out. I was apparently so entranced with seeing a modern bar in Bangalore that I literally walked into the glass doors of the bar. Kinda like the dude in the new windex commercial. Anyways, having attracted more attention than I can handle I beat a hasty retreat with a lemon sized lump on my forehead. Ah the memories 🙂

Btw, if someone from Park is reading this. Guys clean up the website.

  • if you have the hottest bar in the city. Give it an awesome website, build a blog around it, people will want to check its online presence so give them something.
  • There is not much you can do about google caching your old site but pay attention. I initially found this page with broken links and then this page which is newer. Just a fyi.. 🙂

more cool visualization software
February 24, 2006, 10:59 pm
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I came across this tool today while reading Jeff Clavier’s blog. Thanks Jeff!